Top 4 PPC Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Top 4 PPC Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

PPC marketing is getting change over time. Today, various trends have been introduced in the market that you need to learn to compete with your competitors. In this article, we’ll discuss AI, Machine learning, Mobile optimization, and Live video ads. Each trend has implications for PPC in Canada and marketers. Learn about them today to ensure you’re on the cutting edge of these changes. And don’t miss the other trends we’ve highlighted, like the continued rise of content marketing.


Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, so the AI of 2022 will be quite different from the AI of 2021 or 2020. Marketers must learn to use AI to their advantage to remain competitive in the industry. For example, the AI developed by Google will soon no longer let you edit the title and description of expanded text ads, combining them into one. These changes will make it more difficult for humans to track web visitors.

Machine learning:

AI and machine learning will play an increasingly important role in the PPC industry. The ability to automate repetitive tasks and optimize results will significantly increase the efficiency of PPC campaigns. Automated bidding and ad testing will also prove beneficial to marketers. Shortly, more PPC advertisers will use AI to improve their campaigns. However, PPC advertisers must be aware of these new trends.

Live video ads:

The increasing number of people watching videos online is a major challenge for marketers. But videos still capture users’ attention, with an impressive engagement rate. Regardless of how your brand presents itself in the video, you can use it as a call to action in PPC ads. Take a closer look at some of the best video advertising tactics. They’ll be one of the most important PPC trends in 2022.

Mobile optimization:

Considering that half of the paid search impressions occur on mobile devices, mobile optimization is an increasingly important aspect of a PPC campaign. The extension of direct video ad preferences in Google search results will be among the most important changes to mobile optimization. Google recently announced that it would index mobile sites first in search results. This means that non-mobile-friendly websites may experience less frequent indexing and may not receive the rewards they deserve. Mobile optimization is an increasingly important component of online survival and will only continue to elevate Google rankings.